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Netanyahu Cuts Funding to UN: ‘We are changing the rules.’


This is EXCELLENT news! Netanyahu is cutting funds from Israel to the United Nations by 11 million.

Because of the abject ‘Jew hatred’ that comes from the Human Rights Council and the UN these days, Israel is ‘changing the rules’.

Good for them. This is what we should be doing instead of playing footsie with them. We don’t need the United Nations… they are full of blood thirsty dictators and radical Islamists that want to wipe Israel and the US off the map.

Netanyahu Cuts Funding to UN: ‘We are changing the rules.’

This is long overdue.

Netanyahu rightly tweeted that he didn’t feel like funding attacks against Israel by sending money to the UN. Too true. Instead, the funds will go to the Foreign Ministry where they will be used to promote Israel worldwide and will deal with those who wish to be friendly towards Israel… not vaporize her. I really hope that President Trump follows in Netanyahu’s footsteps, cuts the UN off and kicks them out of the US. It would save us a ton of money… blood money.

From Fox News:

Israel has announced it’s reducing its payments to U.N. institutions following recent “anti-Israel” votes.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said Wednesday’s decision was taken following votes critical of Israel at the Human Rights Council. Nahshon says Israel is cutting “2 million dollars from its U.N. dues, given the anti-Israel votes at UNHRC. The money will be used for development projects in countries” that support Israel in international organizations.

He says the cut is from annual payment of about $11 million.

Israel and the United States decry what they see as an entrenched U.N. bias against the Jewish state and an obsession with the Palestinian issue at the expense of other crises and human rights issues around the globe.

Nearly from its inception, the HRC has drawn criticism for its make-up.

Israel may be a tiny nation, but she has a gigantic heart and more spine than anyone out there. She is not afraid to fight with her military, which is one of the best on the planet, and she’s not afraid to do the right thing, regardless of the cost. Don’t you think we should be doing the same thing?

The UN is currently comparing what they call the ‘occupation’ of the Palestinian territories to slavery in the US. That’s a slap at both of us and should not be tolerated. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is doing a great job, but we should not hold back here. We supply most of the funds to the UN. We don’t need them, they need us.

Israel was expected to pay $11.7 million this year, or 0.43 percent of the regular budget, according to the UN Secretariat. However, the newest cut means it will only be paying $3.7 million, according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. And really… they should just cut them off cold.

Both the US and Israel have been particularly critical of the UN Human Rights Council, whose members include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and Cuba. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has threatened to withdraw from the council over its “biased agenda item against Israel.”

Do it!  Please just do it. It’s time to finally cut our ties with the UN and follow the example of Israel.



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