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Melania ATTACKED Over White House Portrait – Then Outfit Designer LEVELS Her Critics!


World-renowned high designer Stefano Gabbana, half of the Dolce & Gabbana brand, got into it with his Instagram fans after some took offense to a picture he posted of First Lady Melania Trump. The photo he posted was of First Lady wearing his designed $2,895 Turlington Jacket as her first official portrait. Gabbana recognized his design and was eager to celebrate the achievement. Any fashion designer would feel the same way and would be proud to have their work modeled by the First Lady.

“BEAUTIFUL,” boosted Gabbana, very pleased with seeing the First Lady in his designer black jacket. He shared the photo of Melania on Instagram.

Right on cue, some of Gabbana’s fans were bothered that he was posting a positive photo of Melania. Gabbana took the higher road and didn’t respond to all the critics. He did respond to one commenter to show how he really feels about those who insult him. One Instagram user called the Gabbana picture of Melania “disgusting,”

Gabbana gave a great response. “Vai a cagare,” Gabbana wrote. In Italian, the insult roughly translates to ”Go to h*ll.”

Another Instagram user took the tension up a notch when he called for users to boycott the Dolce & Gabbana brand. Gabbana responded to that user with,

“Vai a cagare!! Ti boicotto io la testa cretina.” The insult translates to “Go to h*ll! I’ll boycott [your]stupid head.”

This wasn’t the first time Stefano Gabbana has posted pictures of Melania. He has been posting pictures to his Twitter account ever since Donald Trump won the election in November. The designer doesn’t make political comments, but simply compliments the outfits.

Gabbana was criticized just for admiring the dress Melania Trump wore on New Year’s Eve:

He also commented on Ivanka Trumps dress:

Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram followers are a mix of adoring fans with a few trolls mixed in, but it’s clear from his responses to their mean comments that he just doesn’t care what they have to say.


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