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Limbaugh: Obama ‘Weaponized’ America’s Spies Against Trump


Not only is it clear that President Trump was correct and that Obama was spying on him using government resources, Rush Limbaugh has jumped in stating Obama ‘weaponized’ US spies!

“But the real scandal here — and it’s becoming increasingly clear — is that the Obama administration weaponized politically our intelligence services against the Republicans and against Trump. I, for one, am not surprised,” he said.

With the latest revelation that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice sought to unmask Trump staff and family members for the purpose of politically nefarious activities, only a moron would not see that Limbaugh is correct.

Limbaugh: Obama ‘Weaponized’ America’s Spies Against Trump

“We know that the Obama Regime surveilled Trump’s transition team. We know now that the Obama White House unmasked people who were not targets of legitimate surveillance and investigation. We know now that the Obama White House illegal leaked protected information,” he said.

Limbaugh also noted that the mainstream media was used as well to share the classified info from leakers burrowed in the Obama and Trump administrations.

“The Drive-By Media reported all of this. We know that there had to be unmasking. We know that there had to be leaking. The media proudly told us that sources who could not be identified […] fed them data. We know now that the media was complicit,” he said.

Obama could not directly eavesdrop on the Trump team. So they chose foreign targets they knew would communicate with team Trump.

YES! Obama did MORE than just wiretap.

” … the Obama administration chose surveillance targets knowing that they would be talking to specific Americans, wanting to see what those specific Americans were talking about. So while they couldn’t get a FISA warrant to target Americans, they purposely targeted surveillance of foreign actors that they knew Trump transition people would be talking to and learned what they were saying that way. And that’s why Rice was requesting that these people be unmasked so that she and Obama and whoever else in this operation would understand who was being talked about and who was saying what,” Limbaugh said.



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