Holy Smokes! Every Cop Needs To See What THIS Pack of Cigarettes Really Is….

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It’s not as if our men and women in blue, don’t have a tough enough job. Where do idiots like this come up with these things? Are you kidding me? Seriously!? And you wonder why police officers are suspicious of everything, it’s because no doubt, they’ve seen it ALL!

So the Kennesaw Police Department in Georgia, pull over a suspect for unknown reasons. It’s seems to be like a typical or routine vehicle stop. The officers approach the car and ask for the driver’s registration and license. Then the officers ask the person to exit the vehicle. Seems routine, right? But once the pulled over driver or suspect is outside the car, he wants a smoke. Seems reasonable, right? Not so fast. He not only wants a smoke, he continually insists on a smoke. What’s up with that!

The police officer searches the car and finds a pack of smokes, but it wasn’t the typical pack of Newports you’d find in a store or at a gas station. Yes, it looked like a pack smokes. Smelled like a pack of smokes, but when the police officer opened the box…there were no smokes inside the box. What the HECK!

H/T Daily Mail:

A police officer in Georgia found a stun gun disguised as a pack of cigarettes during a traffic stop.

The concealed weapon was discovered by a cop about 30 miles Northwest of Atlanta when the driver they had stopped repeatedly asked to smoke while being spoken to.

‘The answer was no. In the end, the only “smokes” found was the item in the video,’ Kennesaw Police said in a statement.

The police department then posted a video to Facebook showing the weapon being used by an officer.

At first it looked like just any cigarette package, but then an officer pressed a button on the side of the ‘box’ and an electrical charge shot out the top.

‘You would be surprised at the type of weapons that have been made to look like “normal items”,’ the statement went on to say.

‘So, forgive us when we seem to act “too rigid” and “mean” when we say no to your request to “smoke” or “make a phone call” with your phone… We’re just trying to make it home at the end of our shifts like everyone else.’

The entry, which urges readers to “stay safe,” has more than 433,000 views, 18,000 shares and 6,000 reactions as of the afternoon of April 17.

The department has not released further details about the incident. Online advertisements list similar products being sold for less than $50.

Unbelieveable! It’s amazing that the men and women in blue in uniform, even make it home at night!  What’s wrong with these people”! Who comes up with this stuff?  Are you fricken’ kidding me?!

These men and women in blue are out there in the community just doing their jobs. They are protecting and serving our community.  They are also laying down their lives each and every day with stupid things and idiots like this every day. Each time an officer pulls over someone and thinks it’s going to be a routine stop, he/she takes his/her life into their own hands.

It’s amazing that these criminals can come up with these things. What will they think of next?

Policemen and women put their lives on the line every day. God Bless the men and women in blue.


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