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GO GET HER BOYS! GOP Senators Showing NO MERCY- Ask For Susan Rice To Be DEALT With!


GOP senators are now demanding that an investigation of Susan Rice take place. She must be held accountable for her criminal actions against privacy that she committed against Trump and his team. The GOP wants Rice to go on record, under oath, to find out what she did, what Obama knew and when did he know it.  Senators Graham and Paul are two of those speaking out and asking for an independent investigation of Rice, and that she testify under oath before Congress.

The NY Post Reported:

Two prominent Republican senators on Tuesday called for Congress to investigate former national security adviser Susan Rice for allegedly “unmasking” Team Trump officials who were “incidentally” caught on surveillance by US spy agencies.

“I’m not going to prejudge here, but I think every American should know whether or not the national security adviser to President Obama was involved in unmasking Trump transition figures for political purposes,” Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) told Fox News. “It should be easy to figure out, and we will.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) went even further, calling for Rice to be subpoenaed and forced to spill her guts about what Obama knew of her activities.

“The facts will come out with Susan Rice, but I think she ought to be under subpoena, and she needs to be asked, ‘Did you talk to the president about it? Did President Obama know about this?’” Paul said on MSNBC.

“I don’t think we should discount how big a deal it was that Susan Rice was looking at these, and she needs to be asked, did President Obama ask her to do this? Was this a directive from President Obama?” Paul told reporters.

“I think she ought to testify under oath on this. I think she should be asked under oath, did she reveal it to The Washington Post.”

“I think they were illegally basically using an espionage tool to eavesdrop or wiretap — if you want to use the word generally — on the Trump campaign,” Paul said.

Graham pointed out that Rice has a history of lying to the American people. For example, she lied about Benghazi, this doesn’t make her trustworthy. “When it comes to Susan Rice, you need to verify, not trust,” Graham said.

Rand Paul also called for an investigation of Susan Rice. He strongly believes she spied on the Trump team. Paul is a huge advocate of privacy, so this is exactly the kind of thing that fires him up.

Democrats are desperately trying to push the “she was just doing her job” line on social media. If that’s true, then she should have no problem testifying under oath, right? Don’t be surprised if she lies under oath. Many believed Rice lied on March 22 saying she knew nothing about any collection of the Trump team.

Yeah, right! We would like to see her try and weasel her way out of this one. We don’t have to rely on her testimony for the truth, we already have it.


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