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Gay Kindergarten Teacher Harassed By Muslim Parents


Europe has been overrun by refugees and terrorists. Just last week London, England was attacked by a terrorist associated with ISIS who plowed his truck through a crowd of innocent bystanders. Islam has permeated our cultures and societies in numerous ways. This time Berlin got hit with this Islamification.

Muslim parents in Berlin, Germany were outraged to find their children’s Kindergarten teacher was gay and began to protest it with numerous other families after the daycare center he worked at refused to fire him. The managing director of Reinickendorf Kindergarten said the following,

They went on the warpath.”

Parents collected signatures to try and get him fired but to no avail. No matter how many signatures they get it won’t change the fact they can’t discriminate against someone just because they’re gay, this isn’t 1921. The parents view the teacher as a danger and have a majority support because only one student who goes to the daycare isn’t Muslim. The manager who manages four other schools said,

We are living in 21st century Berlin.”

The majority of parents of these children are immigrants or refugees from Turkey or the Middle East where they associated homosexuality with being a child molester. The teacher told reporters that the parents are afraid of his sexuality. He said,

You touch the children, you dress them, you see them naked, this is the normal job of an educator”.

The manager iterated the feelings of some of the parents saying,

Some of the parents were shocked” when it was announced at a parents’ evening that their children were going to have a male teacher. We don’t want a man to be helping our children get dressed and taking them to the toilet.”

Parents have threatened to take their kids out of the school if the teacher is not fired. However, they have refused to let him go. The teacher noted how difficult it is to perform his job with everyone looking at him with a microscopic lens. He also recounted how he heard people on the train discussing how disgusted they would be by a gay man teaching their children. Discrimination and xenophobia are alive and well in the twenty- first century.

The assimilation of Islamic society into our society is not ok. When people move here, it is their job to asssimilate according to our beliefs and not the other way around. But apparently these parents didn’t get that memo.


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