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Evidence Points to Russian Involvement in Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack!


On Thursday evening, President Donald Trump ordered the first direct military strike by the U.S. against a Syrian Air Base near Homs, launching 59 Tomahawk missiles. The strike was in retaliation for a chemcial weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians, including children earlier in the week. You can’t say we haven’t warned President Bashar al-Assad, since Syrian’s war has been going on for at least 6 years.

The Pentagon officials will tell you they watched warplanes from Syria carry out strikes from the Shayrat airbase on the town of Khan Shekhun. Syria has in the past used chemicals weapons, and this time was no different. But one interesting thing that happened this week, a drone was spotted near the airbase and then shortly thereafter, an attack on the hospital happened. What kind of a sicko attacks his own people with sarin gas and then makes sure to bomb the hospital so there is no evidence? That’s the kind of people, President Trump is dealing with.

US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley seem to be on the same page. They both believe Russian bears some responsibility for last week’s chemical weapons attack by Bashar al-Assad’s military. From the recent air strike against Syria, I’d say President Trump seems to agree.

Meanwhile, while the U.S. tries to confirm Russian’s involvement, things may get pretty interesting, as the Russian warship, frigate Admiral Grigorovich is headed in the direction of the two U.S. destroyers, U.S.S. Porter and the U.S.S. Ross, who launched the attack and are located in the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition, there is also a discrepancy in reporting as to whether the U.S. and Russia still have a “hotline” for communication that is open. There are conflicting reports that the line of communication has been suspended since the launch of the missiles and the attack on the Syrian air base.

The officials say Russia has failed to control the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons.

They say a drone belonging either to Russia or Syria was seen hovering over the site of the chemical weapons attack Tuesday after it happened. The drone returned late in the day as citizens were going to a nearby hospital for treatment. Shortly afterward, officials say the hospital was bombed.

(Picture from a Russian drone over the Syrian air base.)

The officials say they believe the hospital attack may have been an effort to cover up evidence of the attack.  They also believe the drone turned off the camera right before the strike on the hospital.

The officials weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter and demanded anonymity. They say they’re still reviewing evidence.

HOLY COW!! So not only did Syria use chemical weapons of mass destruction, but then either Syria or Russia or both, covered it up.

According to CNN, the Pentagon is particularly interested in whether a Russian warplane actually conducted the bombing run on the Khan Sheikhoun hospital where victims were receiving treatment within hours of the attack, “with the aim of destroying evidence.”

Such an inquiry will not, of course, sit well with Russia, which is currently demanding a U.N. Security Council investigation of American aggression.

There have been conflicting reports about whether any Russian personnel or aircraft, particularly helicopters, were present at the Sharyat airbase. Videos can be found online purporting to show Russian helicopters at the base as recently as February, but Fox News quotes Pentagon briefers stating “no Russian aircraft were at the Sharyat airfield” when the missiles struck.

However, the Fox News report also quotes U.S. officials who said “between 12 and 100 Russian military personnel” were present at the base, complete with their own barracks, which the U.S. “took pains” to avoid blowing up.

What were as many as 100 Russian personnel doing at this air base AND how could the Russians NOT have known that Syria was using chemical weapons against it’s own people?

Of course Assad’s regime is going to deny they were using chemical weapons. They have called the U.S. air strike “foolish and irresponsible”.

Wow! Seriously?! They use chemical weapons on their own people, but the US is the foolish one? Unbelievable!

Then, there’s Vladimir Putin, who said the U.S. violated international law “under a false pretext” and an official warned us of “extremely serious” consequences to follow. Russia also announced it would bolster Assad’s air defenses.

Of course, our very own UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said the U.S. “took a very measured step” and the U.S. is “prepared to do more”. 

As I said, things could be getting very interesting, like an intense game of chess game. Pieces are being moved strategically. Next week, Secretary of State travels to Moscow.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said: “Clearly Russia has failed in its responsibility. Either Russia has been complicit or Russia has been simply incompetent.

I agree! Russia either allowed Assad to use chemical weapons OR they are just acting with total incompetency.

It looks like Russia is going to be prepared for the meeting of minds in Moscow next week. Their warship will be in place to make a move if Putin doesn’t like President Trump’s “art of the deal” that is negotiated by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

In this picture taken on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, victims of the suspected chemical weapons attack lie on the ground, in Khan Sheikhoun, in the northern province of Idlib, Syria. The death toll from a suspected chemical attack on a northern Syrian town rose to 72 on Wednesday as activists and rescue workers found more terrified survivors hiding in shelters near the site of the harrowing assault, one of the deadliest in Syria’s civil war. (Alaa Alyousef via AP)

Either way, the insanity and use of chemical weapons by any country is unacceptable! Those responsible must be held accountable. President Trump is going to do everything possible to ensure America’s safety and let the world know that the U.S. is no longer leading from behind.

That attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me. Big impact,” Trump had said. “That was a horrible, horrible thing, and I’ve been watching it and seeing it, and it doesn’t get any worse than that.”

H/T Breitbart


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