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EPIC! Campus Snowflakes TRIGGERED By Chick-Fil-A, Then ARMY RANGER Responds!


WOW…just freaking WOW! It seems to have become a more frequent occurrence to hear about some whiny snowflake on some college campus somewhere screaming and kicking in a temper tantrum over anything and everything that does no actually matter. But to them…it’s like the sky is falling.

I don’t know if there has ever been a more annoying type of human being.

It’s a plague! A plague that is very rapidly sweeping across the world and taking the weak and making them feel justified in their “stupid”. The problem with talking any kind of sense into them is that you can’t. They are allowed to carry on being pieces of annoying garbage…because you just can not engage with stupid.

All they will do is drag you down to their world, and then BEAT the crap out of you with their experience in it.

Wickedness never promoted rational thought, and neither does ‘stupid’

It gets to the point where, you wish you could purchase a product that would allow you to avoid ‘stupid snowflakes’ however…we can’t. But what we can do it share stories like this.

Stories where one of us actually does get to pound sense into the world. Just like Army Ranger Sean Parnell did, on a NATIONAL PLATFORM!

Check this out…you’ll LOVE IT!

From Allen B. West:

Parnell appeared on Fox News where he lit into some college kids triggered by having a Chick-fil-A restaurant on campus. You know, because of the company not being hypocrites and living out their Christian values.

According to TheBlaze, Retired Army Ranger Sean Parnell took to the airwaves of Fox News last week to deliver an epic message to college students triggered by Chick-fil-A coming to their campus.

As TheBlaze reported last week, students at Duquesne University in Pennsylvania recently proposed a resolution urging school administrators to reconsider a plan to bring Chick-fil-A to their campus next fall. They allege the restaurant chain’s stance on same-sex marriage will make LGBTQ students feel “unsafe” on campus.

But Parnell, a Duquesne graduate, said on “Fox and Friends” the reasoning behind the petition is absurd.
“They’re a bunch of babies,” he said. “College is suppose to prepare you for the real world, not shield you from opposing opinions, and safe spaces do exactly that.”

Sometimes the stupid truly is too strong. Safe places? The Syrians who are being brutally terrorized in chemical attacks qualify for safe places…ones that are actually created to keep people safe from BODILY HARM!

Not words, and opposing opinions. The snowflakes need to go slap themselves.

Please somebody ensure that they get the memo to do so. Just so we can watch them trigger all over again…trigger themselves into a coma. Or maybe into making some sense.

Don’t we wish.

This world is growing darker, and more ridiculous by the day. However, there will always be people like President Trump, you, me and this Army Ranger to ensure it is never fully engulfed in the madness.

That’s enough…we can keep each other sane.

Warrior on.


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