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Democrat Lawmaker In Hot Water for Tipping Off Illegal Immigrants To ICE Raids


Massachusetts State Representative Michelle DuBois posted a warning of ICE raids of Facebook and the serious consequences are already beginning to stack up against her.

There are calls for her resignation and she is already being discussed during testimony on capitol hill.

DuBois has since deleted her Facebook post, but as she is already learning, the Internet is forever.

Massachusetts State Representative Michelle DuBois posted a warning of ICE raids of Facebook and the serious consequences are already beginning to stack up against her.

DuBois had posted a warning of ICE raids that were rumored to be occurring in Brockton, Massachusetts. She sent a warning to any and all illegal immigrants not to “go out on the street.” She also urged illegal immigrants to not to cooperate with authorities and “don’t open the door” if you don’t know who it is.

The law enforcement community is furious.

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County accused Rep. DuBois’ of “completely [undermining]law enforcement” in testimony delivered on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

Despite heavy criticism, DuBois is defending her action.

“Passing information along that is already all over the community not only lets the people I represent know what is happening. It lets ICE know that everyone in Brockton is aware of their intended raid if there was one,” DuBois said, according to CBS News in Boston.

Asked whether she thought the post could be construed as obstructing justice, she replied with a very flippant, “No, I don’t.”

The ICE raids, which went on during the Obama administration as well, focuses mostly on criminals and thugs. They are NOT picking up grandma. It seems that DuBois is either ignorant, or purposely spreading the false narrative for political gain. Either way, she needs to be removed from government for contributing to the endangerment of US citizens.

An uupset Brockton resident, Jerry Terminiello, attended a public meeting held by DuBois to get some answers.

“I think she stepped over a line,” Terminiello said, “I’m not against immigration but criminals, if you’re an illegal immigrant and a criminal I think you should go.”




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