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Dad Picks Up Age 6 Daughter from School. But Before Walking in, He Pours Water All Over His Pants…


Someone once told me, the sign of great parenting, is not a child’s behavior, but the sign of truly great parenting is the parent’s behavior.

As a parent, you know whether you have one child or seven children, parenting is difficult. Each child is a unique gift to us from God. As a parent we unwrap each gift with warm delicacy and care, with an understanding that each child is special.

As a parent we also know, we will do anything to protect our child, whether it is protection from personal injury or harm, strangers in a store, or even protecting them in any emotional situations. We are going to do what we can to show them that our love is bigger than any obstacle they must overcome. It’s part of being a good parent. It’s what we do.

Here’s a perfect example of a dad that pulled a “Billy Madison” for his daughter. When his young daughter was in a crisis at school, he came to her rescue. He took the focus off of her and put it on him, even if it meant he embarrassed himself in the process. Talk about a “Father of the Year”!

H/T Liftable:

Any time that a parent gets a call from their child’s school in the middle of the day, it is not usually to discuss a positive situation. The assumption, right when parents pick up the phone, is that something serious and likely negative happened involving their child that needs immediate parental action.

Connie Merrell Sowards received a call from school regarding her 6-year-old, Valerie. Thankfully, the little girl was not seriously hurt or ill.

However, she was completely embarrassed. She needed to be picked up from kindergarten because she had wet her pants.

Connie called her husband, Ben Sowards, to deliver the news and ask that he pick her up. Sowards was the right man for the job because he knew exactly how to cheer up his daughter.

He felt terrible knowing that she was sitting at school with wet pants while crying out of embarrassment. So, he decided to make her feel a little less alone.

He poured some water on his own pants. When he walked into the school office, he asked his daughter to borrow her backpack so he could hide his own wet pants.

Valerie happily let her dad borrow her backpack as she laughed. Her mood completely shifted once her dad walked in sporting a pair of wet pants, too.

Sowards told The Huffington Post, “But, once she saw my pants, I got that look from her where I knew everything was OK. All dads know what look I’m talking about. And we just strolled out of the school like nothing was happening.”

Sowards has had plenty of experience in comforting his children as a father of eleven. The family recently adopted four of their foster children.

His oldest daughter, Lucinda, 17, lovingly bragged about her dad on Twitter, which received more attention than the family ever expected. She shared adorable photos of her dad and sister and wrote, “My little sis had an accident today at kindergarten & this is how my dad left to pick her up so she wouldn’t feel so sad/embarrassed.”

Sowards has been winning the ‘Dad Of The Year’ award for some time. “I have memories of my dad working all night building a play set when I was little and waking me up in the morning to take me out and push me on the swings. Both of my parents are incredibly selfless, especially when it comes to the happiness of their family,” said Lucinda.

Wow! Sounds like this Dad sure knows a thing or two about what parenting is all about, especially with 11 kids. I can only image the multiple times that Ben or Connie have sacrificed something for the sake of their own children. The Sowards obviously know what it means to put “Family First”. They also know what great parenting looks like. As great parents, the Sowards know, we often have to pull a “Billie Madison” for our own children to protect them. As parents, it’s what we do.



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