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A Congressman Just Verbally Attacked Trump Over Threats To The Freedom Caucus Over the AHCA!


Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) just attacked President Trump over the debacle surrounding the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and it was not pretty. The White House has taken aim at the conservative Freedom Caucus who refused to vote for the bill and called the new healthcare bill an “Obamacare-lite” version. The administration blamed them for not being willing to negotiate for the betterment of the people and the party. Now Representative Amash is hitting back at the President.

Rep. Amash told reporters the following,

“Most people don’t take too well to being bullied. I mean it’s constructive in fifth grade. It may allow a child to get his way, but that’s not how our government works.”

The Congressman’s comments came shortly after the President went on Twitter and castigated the Freedom Caucus and blamed them for the failure of the health care bill. The President threatened to work in 2018 to get them unseated from their positions. However, other Republicans blamed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for creating a weak bill that had too many dissenting opinions.

Rep. Amash went on Twitter to respond to the President saying,

The healthcare bill had been put on the floor for a vote on a Thursday but was postponed to Friday after Ryan failed to get enough votes from the Freedom Caucus. When he and the President made concessions for them, they asked for more, which Ryan and the President were unwilling to give, as it was pushing away moderate Republicans from the bill. As a result, the bill was pulled from the floor a second and final time on Friday.

The President spoke in a press conference later where he said until they can come up with a repeal and replace that will pass, he will sit and wait for the Affordable Care Act to collapse and explode. While his response was not the most mature one that a President has demonstrated he is right.

Ultimately the American people are suffering because Obamacare remains and it will explode eventually because of the drain it is on the federal budget. Waiting for it to collapse is only terrible for the American people. The American people deserve a health care system that is affordable, accessible, and not run by the government. Our public servants need to work towards that goal.


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