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BREAKING: Obama’s Minion, Susan Rice BUSTED Committing A Federal Felony!


BOOOOOM! This wicked witch of the Obama era has just been caught red handed! There is no turning back from this, she has committed a felony, and it’s not one she gets to run from!

Former national security advisor, Susan Rice had a secret…

She asked numerous times for names of the Donald Trump associates involved with his campaign AND transition team to be ‘unmasked’ in foreign surveillance reports.

Yes…I know…HUGE!

Rice is the Obama administration official whose name became the butt of everyone’s joke when she repeated FALSE (lies lies lies) claims during the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks blaming them on a youtube video.

Her and Hillary Clinton are two black soulless peas in a pod.

As Chief of the National Security Council, Rice asked government agencies to identify names that had been withheld from raw intelligence reports linked Trump’s transition team.

Normally this MIGHT not be that big of a deal…but what makes her request very different and a felony…is that among those names she requested was former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

She made his name public. She is the leaker.

This is a federal felony.

The first drip of information hinting at Rice’s involvement came Friday when Fox News reported that the names of several Trumpworld figures were exposed by someone ‘very well known, very high up, very senior in the intelligence world.’

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said last week that the Trump administration had uncovered unspecified material ‘in the normal course of business,’ which was then shared with the House Intelligence Committee’s Republican chairman Devin Nunes.

Bloomberg reports that the National Security Council was conducting a review of U.S. policy on how people’s identities can be unmasked after their communications are captured incidentally in the course of conducting foreign surveillance.

That routine inquiry apparently uncovered a pattern of Rice’s requests.

The names of U.S. citizens who aren’t the targets of court-approved snooping are typically replaced with designations such as ‘U.S. Person One’ or ‘Person A’ before reports can be circulated to the broad variety of American intelligence agencies.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, one of the Trump administration intelligence officials who showed Nunes the mysterious materials last week, was conducting the ‘unmasking’ review.

He brought his concerns about Rice’s behavior to the White House counsel’s office in February – before President Trump began tweeting claims on March 4 that the Obama administration ‘wiretapped’ him at his private New York city office.

Check this out…what do you think about all this? Should she be locked up?


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