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BREAKING: Americans Woke-Up To ANOTHER Promise Kept By Trump- Get Excited America, It’s Just The Beginning!


Well, Donald Trump back when he was fighting to get the opportunity to make America great again, promised that he was the RIGHT guy for the job, and that he would fix what Obama has destroyed over the last eight years, including our failing economy.

His promise along with his proven history to be able to accomplish such a great feat made it pretty clear that he could do it. I mean…it was all on paper.

Not even 3 weeks into President Trump entering the White House, there were already results…

February job numbers were amazing, and even better than expected.

Then the March numbers came in…

Even better.

The year’s fast start for job creation showed no signs of letting up in March as private payrolls saw another big boost, according to a report Wednesday.

Companies added 263,000 jobs for the month, ADP and Moody’s Analytics said. That was well above the 185,000 expected from economists surveyed by Reuters and also better than the 245,000 reported for February.

Then came the news… as reported by the The Wall Street Journal

Private-sector hiring this year remained strong as employers reported adding more workers to their payrolls in March than expected, according to a report released Wednesday.

Private payrolls across the nation rose by 263,000 last month, said payroll processorAutomatic Data ProcessingInc. and forecasting firm Moody’s Analytics. This was much better than a gain of 180,000 expected by economists polled by The Wall Street Journal. In February, ADP’s report showed the private-sector added 298,000 jobs. The report is based on data collected from ADP clients in addition to lagged behind government figures.

Obama’s regressive economic policies had us stuck in the slowest recovery since World War II and it is reassuring to see two back to back months of improvement on the job front.

Ladies and gentlemen…President Trump is delivering on his economic promises, period. This is not debatable. It’s fact.

There is clearly a sense among business owners that the economy is turning to make a comeback.

Truth be told, if President Trump can get this economy booming, it will pull people out of depression, provide more opportunities to teach the “entitled” to know better, and collectively gather up more feelings of pride and patriotism for ones’ country, because morale over all will just be better.

So if our President makes this a booming economy for the next 8 years…all differences aside, wouldn’t that be the most important thing?

Anything else, just seems like noise.


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