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Young Girl Sees STRANGER On Her Porch, Grabs 4-Year-Old Niece and Hides. Then He Kicks In The Door…


Babysitting is a right of passage for most young girls. They learn basic skills of how to watch over another person and gain confidence on how to handle sticky situations on their own. Taking on the call to babysit is usually a task with light responsibilities, like entertaining a child, feeding them and dressing them. For one young lady, she got more than she ever expected while babysitting her little cousin.

Savannah Jones is a 14-year-old teen who used her instincts to handle a scary situation she faced while watching her 4-year-old cousin. She was faced with an intruder breaking into her home, and she made all the right moves to keep her and the child in her care safe. Savannah didn’t let her fear stop her from acting quickly to protect herself and her cousin.

On Tuesday around 3:30 pm, Savannah was taking care of her 4-year-old niece Zoyee, when there was a knock on the door of Savannah’s home in Montclair, California. Savannah knew better than to open the door blindly, so she checked the peephole. Right away she got a bad feeling the way the man at the door looked. Savannah’s intuition kicked in and she grabbed little Zoyee and hid with her in the bathroom. As soon as Zoyee and Savannah were in the bathroom, Savannah called her mother, Maria Muratalla for help. As soon as she was on the phone with her mom the knocking grew louder and more aggressive.

2017-03-07 12_48_43-Teen Sees Stranger on Porch, Grabs Four-Year-Old Niece and Hides. Moments Later,

It became clear to the 14-year-old that the man was not going away, in fact, he intended to break down the front door. Savannah was right and just as she locked the bathroom door the man forcefully entered her home. He started rummaging through the home, all the while Savannah focused on keeping Zoyee calm and quite as to not alert the intruder to their hiding spot.

While hiding in the bathroom, Savannah fearfully texted her mother the updates of the situation. Her mother couldn’t make it home, but she called the neighbor who then called 911 and ran over to help the teen. The intruder had left by the time the police and neighbor arrived. The frightening ordeal could have been much worse, but due to Savannah’s fast actions. Savannah displayed extreme maturity and has proved herself to not only be a trustworthy babysitter, but a very brave young lady!


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