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WATCH: Gorsuch Says One Word at Hearing that Has Entire Room Erupt with Laughter!


Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has impressed many during his confirmation hearing including a lot of Democrats, but one moment brought the house down.

Laughter broke out when he accidentally used a word closely associated with President Donald Trump.

It happened while Gorsuch was responding to a question about the Declaration of Independence posed by Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse.

“What role does the Declaration of Independence play in interpreting the Constitution?” Sasse asked.

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has impressed many during his confirmation hearing including a lot of Democrats, but one moment brought the house down.

Gorsuch began to eloquently explain:

“The Declaration of Independence is an amazing document,” he said. He explained that the 56 signers who put their name to it were essentially signing their death warrant if the revolution had failed.

Gorsuch started to discuss the Declaration’s most famous signer, John Hancock of Massachusetts. Hancock’s name has become synonymous with the notion of putting one’s signature to any legal document.

“They know a John Hancock means a signature because he wrote his name so ‘bigly,'” Gorsuch said, before quickly correcting himself to say, “big and boldly.”

“You just said bigly,” Sasse laughed. “And I just won five bucks.”

Gorsuch looked back into the audience and said, “You embarrassed me in front of my nephew, and he loves it.”

“He’s the one paying me the five bucks,” Sasse quickly shot back.

You will remember that President Trump used the word “bigly”  throughout the election cycle. At least it sounded like ‘bigly’. Trump’s spokeswoman Hope Hicks insisted he was saying “big league.”

It is wonderful to see that a future Judge on the SCOTUS has a great sense of humor. Politics has become so serious and angry recently. Neil Gorsuch has proven himself to be well spoken and likeable.

Some of the idiots on the Democrat side have done as they always do, present any conservative as evil. But those who are intellectually honest have made it clear that he is a fine man, extremely qualified for the position.

And a sense of humor to boot! Right on!


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