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The power of nonviolence and personal respect is on display in this video.

Respect to this man who intervened. These young kids need bystanders to step in and up to teach them to resolve issues.

I think the man highlighted an important point; while we’re all fighting over silly things or worrying about trivial things other people are laughing and wanting us to fight over the trivial aspects, it keeps us distracted and them amused. Let’s not fight over minutiae, let’s work on the bigger picture.

A man used his words, not his hands, to stop two boys from fighting in the middle of a street. When he saw the boys throwing punches, the man interrupted the fight, reprimanded the onlookers filming the fight on their phones by calling them “the real cowards” and talked the boys down by bestowing his wisdom upon them.

In the video, posted on Youtube by user Poodieville  and presumably filmed by one of the bystanders the man criticized, the man doesn’t leave the scene until the boys shake hands and call off the fight completely.

This is exactly what we need! More people need to start intervening to stop fights rather than videoing and making them escalate. People encouraging fights really need a slap back to reality. I’m sure they would be shitting themselves if they were in that situation.

For those who are commenting on the guy saying “YO”. He is reaching out to the youth on their premises, on their level. They probably would not have listened to him if he approached them with a Principal Voice/Language. I salute you, Sir! Balls of Steel there spotted, clearly he’s the smaller guy, yet he didn’t hesitate to break that fight, he could get beaten there on neither guys, apparently it worked for the better, and didn’t escalated to a much worse situation, much Respect to this man indeed!

The stranger was passionate, spot on and if the world only had a few more men/women like him…the world would be a better place.We could use more peaceful mediators like this man in the world.

As much as we are now  sick of the word “yo,” Let us applaud this guy for speaking the truth to them.

Check out the video below…it is truly inspiring!


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