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VOTD: Watch a Speeding Train Blast a Bunch of Commuters With Snow



Winter Storm Stella hammered the Northeast on Tuesday, with more than two feet of snow accumulating in certain areas.

Parts of the Northeastern United States were blasted with upwards of 20 inches of snow on Tuesday, causing major travel headaches for the area. While trains tend to do better than cars in the snow, the tracks still need to be cleared.

An Amtrak train passed through a station blanketed in snow, giving some people waiting on the tracks quite the surprise. Without much warning, the train plowed through the station, sending snow flying everywhere.

Just one day after the storm wreaked its havoc, an unlucky group of commuters was subjected to the wrath of a second nasty snowstorm — this time, at the hands of a barreling train.

Passengers waiting on an Amtrak platform in Rhinecliff, New York, ended up getting blasted by a massive wave of snow after a train heading toward New York City’s Penn Station kicked up the powder that had accumulated on the tracks.

According to a statement released by Amtrak on Thursday, the train “was traveling at the authorized speed” and the engineer followed proper protocol. “We always advise customers to stand back from the platform edge as trains approach and this was an unusual occurrence considering the large amount of snow on the tracks.”

Shoutout to the person holding the camera, who could see the snow coming but still held onto the shot for dear life.

Here’s a free piece of advice should you ever find yourself waiting for the first train to roll into a station after a heavy snowfall: Stand as far away from the tracks as possible, assuming you don’t want to get blasted with a massive shitstorm of snow.

Why this Amtrak commuter train came barrelling into the station so fast after a winter snowstorm is unknown, but it seems like an especially unsafe thing to do with passengers waiting on the platform. Thankfully, one of those passengers was Nick Colvin who filmed the whole thing in slow motion, at least until he found himself also buried in snow.

Now that’s what I call “getting plowed” at the station.


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