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VOTD: This Yorkie is so excited about her new toy.. wayyyy to excited!!!!


I bet this yorkie will be dry humping that thing in a couple of weeks!! lol

Lucy is precious and such a smart baby. You can tell she is so loved by her humans. I wish all pet owners were as caring as this couple. Toy is quite bigger than yorkie  but loved the way she is carrying it confidently!

What a smart and endearing lil yorkie.  I was even more impressed her going to the right car I can’t even find my car in a parking lot lol just goes to show some animals are smarter than people.

This is so adorable I chuckled the whole time and I had to watch it a couple more time. I have to add that Yorkie  Lucy was never in ant danger. You can clearly see that when when you left the store that the leash was locked because she got tangled a bit and she had to back up to get her leg over the leash to get back to her new toy. You can tell Lucy is quite well taken care of and spoiled lol.

I do not understand why people have to look for something to complain about! Life is way too short…stop and enjoy the fun things in life!

Don’t be fooled by this toy breed’s tiny stature—they are five to seven pounds of pure tomboy. This spunky personality has earned the Yorkie its nickname, “the tomboy toy.” The breed standard references the breed’s trademark confidence and courage, saying, “The dog’s high head carriage and confident manner should give the appearance of vigor and self-importance.” Because of these traits, Yorkshire Terriers do well at everything from dog sports, like agility, to therapy work and makes them great travel companions as well as family dogs.For certain, the Yorkie is lively and inquisitive, physically and mentally quick, and spends much time trotting (or dashing) around checking things out.

Though he can be bossy and scrappy with other dogs, especially larger ones, Yorkies coexist well with other pets, but are typically overwhelmed by the roughhousing and mischief of small children.

Don’t we just love dogs?!



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