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VOTD: This flying Phoenix back tattoo is totally insane!!


Marvelous tattoo artwork indeed!!

This is so awesome. It’s amazing how she can move her shoulders to make it look like it’s moving it’s wings. Breathtaking !

I would never, ever cover that up. Not even in winter. I’d rather freeze to death than not spend the eternity of my life showing that tattoo off lol.

Personally, I’m not a tattoo-loving person, but the “artist” that did this tattoo is absolutely awesome! Tho I must admit she is going to have good breathing techniques for the rest of her life when everyone asks her to do this all the time!lol

Deciding to have a tattoo? Well do you know that it takes strenuous effort and patience to achieve this kind of masterpiece?  This needs to be well thought through and requires the best possible physical condition. Lavishly created tattoos cannot be done hastily, they often require extreme physical exertion. Long sessions can take hours of sitting still and may be painful. In order to manage these sessions you should be well rested and have had a good breakfast:) Sessions that take 5, 6 or 7 hours require endurance, but everyone can manage them whether you are big or small, tall or short. Nevertheless, it is important that you keep all this in mind when you make your appointment for a tattoo.

Initially, they need to specify the perfect motif for your tattoo in a design session. The perfect location, size, coloration, etc. must be defined. You should have a good idea of what you would like to have and they  will take care of the rest.

All credit  by the way to Tattoo Design Art Studio Andre! The artist is André Zechmann.

I wonder how this tattoo would look like when she’s 60.. would the Phoenix be still flying? lol

 Give it thirty years and it will look like a turkey trying to crawl out of your butt crack! HAHA!

But seriously with all the negativity aside, this is seriously a great artwork!! All praises to the artist!


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