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VOTD: This DOG was too scared to eat, so this VET organized a dinner party…!! Heartbreaking


Every good person, who is kind to an animal makes a difference in this world..

God bless this vet for his wonderful soul.

When us human are suffering from all kinds of illness including both physically and mentally, dogs are like angels who would always be there to support us. However, this wouldn’t be the same when dogs are the ones who are suffering and are in need of help. May I ask what is humanity? What is love? Luckily there’s this vet with a beautiful heart that would actually care for this beautiful dog, but there are still millions of dogs or even other animals that are suffering. Please spread the love and help raising animal awareness!

Don’t we just love people like this?  it restores our faith in humanity, each and every single animal on this planet have their own little personalities we just need to take the time to appreciate them all and realize we all need love.

Just a quick trivia here,  vet therapy dogs are trained to recognize the onset of a panic attack. When they alert to this, they begin tapping the vet on the leg with their paw, he explained. The tapping sends a message to the vet from the dog: “pay attention to me,” not to whatever you’re thinking or feeling.

If that doesn’t work,  the dogs are trained to go and find someone to help the vet. The dogs even sleep with the vets. If the veterans experience a horrible nightmare, the dogs are trained to wake them up.

The training for veterans is pretty intense as well, he said. All have to come to the training center to train and pick up their dogs. Since many are afraid to leave the perceived safety of their homes, volunteers have to fly or drive many of them to the site. Once they get to the site, they don’t get to choose their dog, he said. The dogs choose them. Trainers look to see the body language in the dogs and in the vets and see which veteran the dog goes up to and bonds with.


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