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VOTD: Their Dad left them for a minute and came back to find this!


When you try so hard to be a good responsible parent…then your inner 5 year old bursts out in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Ah the fun of parenting!! This dad is hilarious!

It’s hard not to laugh! You’re mad and yet it’s funny and cute.

This was funny! Nice! Look at their innocent little pretty faces! Precious!. That’s part of many rewards of being a parent. At least they made their dad laugh!lol  Priceless moments talking to your 2 lil sons while holding your breath not to laugh and telling them you won’t bring them to the mall because of what they did! And the most funny thing, how they respond to you with their innocent looks! When disciplining goes bad I try so hard sometimes not to laugh when it’s just toooo funny to resist. I have to turn away most of the time.

I just love when the dad asks if they should be punished and how the older brother looks at his younger brother and shakes his head so he will follow in order for them to avoid punishment, kids are too cute. Who can’t stop laughing when the big brother ask “what’s funny” . That was epic. Younger ones are always copycat of elder one. When the big bro says ” in the hair daddy” the smaller one also repeat the same.

Many parents don’t handle a situation like this correctly, but this dad made the best of it by explaining what they did wrong and at the same time enjoyed it and cherished it . The coolest thing and the funniest is the dad trying to be a dad holding the laughter trying to be serious but he just can’t it’s where kills me!

They are lucky it’s only paint…it’ll come out in the bath… It’s amusing.. yes..until you have to clean up after the little monsters, and buy them new clothes ’cause they ruined the ones they were wearing!!


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