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VOTD: SERIOUSLY….Try to watch this and NOT cry. This little girl has a heart of gold!


First of all, this little girl is gorgeous!!!!

This little  girl is so sweet! You can just tell she’s a good, well-mannered , appreciative child with a heart of gold! She and her parents are so Blessed!

Beautiful girl! Not just on the outside but her heart and soul shine through! The parents obviously are terrific for having a sweet, grateful daughter like this. Made me smile thru tears of my own out of sheer delight.

Wow this girl must have gone through a traumatic gambit of emotions, losing her first cat, I feel her sense of desperation then hope restored with her new rescue kitten…I believe she’ll be an exceptionally wonderful mother to her children one day. God bless this adorable little girl and her family.

She’s so appreciative and grateful and instantly loved that kitten. She’s gonna do something cool with her life, even if it’s just showing people kindness – we need more of that. Way to go mom; you’re doing a great job. What a pure and gentle spirit. This girl will grow up to be well-loved by many people this is a little girl whom appreciates the simplest things in life, and she is also a child whom is not hard to please. She is not all about materialistic things, such as technology…she is truly a beautiful, genuine little girl.  I wish we could see more kids be that appreciative in this day and age.

The look of pure joy in a kids face is worth every penny, second, . we lose that as adults and I wish we didn’t. Now that being said… who is cutting onions? My eyes are watering.

I’m not an animal person AT ALL but the love and appreciation this little girl showed had me balling, the world would be a much better place if we could all be this way.


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