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This is like a horror movie where they try to take babies and make them into dolls!!

That silky hair, those delicate veins … at first glance, these babies could pass for the real thing. But they’re not.

Although this seems creepy… I think this might be good for kids who are going to have siblings…. mom/dad can show them roughly how things will be … when yes you can get a doll from any store but these are more realistic babies…

It is actually therapeutic. In Nursing homes, situations where a woman who had stillborn babies, or has had miscarriages these can actually be calming and therapeutic for them. but take note these kind of babies are super expensive! It’s actually a very sad reason these dolls were made, hugs to women who give birth to babies that are born dead. No one knows the pain you’ve been through.

For those who don’t want to have a commitment, a doll baby is “better” than a real baby. A doll baby comes with zero responsibility. It is an interesting transitional object — similar to the blankie a child drags around, or the stuffed animal she keeps in her backpack. It signifies a connectedness to home and to mother. In this case, the transition is between the real or imagined child they lost and the fact that life no longer contains that baby for them. For some women, such a transitional object eases them into ways of finding more external methods of dealing with their needs of care taking and loving a being who loves them back. It is the concretized fantasy of getting unconditional love.

Unlike with  real babies, a lifelike doll comes with no real-world mess — no diapers, no smells, no feeding, no crying. These babies, unlike real ones, do not grow up into toddlers. And as soon as the toddler toddles away, there’s a whole different psychic dynamic. You now have a creature growing, changing, moving toward independence. It will, clearly, need you less and less. Entwined with a doll baby is the knowledge it will never grow up, never leave you, never disappoint you, never say ‘I hate you!” It will never be a complex being unto itself. In that way, you, the “mother,” will never experience loss.

There’s something else about babies. For many women, whether or not they want children, a baby personifies their genital prowess. It symbolizes their femininity and female power.

But.. I must say that this is a work of art.. they are beautiful, very well made and so realistic….. all praises to the maker BABYCLON.

The material used in the manufacturing of BABYCLON dolls are platinum medical silicone, which is the most flexible, elastic and resilient there is in the market. This silicone has very little oil in its composition, which makes it last longer and doesn’t transpire oil with the pass of time.


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