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VOTD: Little Boy Wants To Do Ballet Too!


…and a dancer is born!

This is too cute, if he wants to do ballet then i say let him!

Absolutely nothing wrong with a little boy wanting to do ballet!! We shouldn’t stereotype girl and boys!

Let the little guy get out there and join in,  just let the poor kid dance!!!

Very Observant young man, willing to learn, bless him! I think he found his purpose in life already at this young age! lol

Parents and teachers have long known that a child’s brain can soak up information like a sponge.. they soak in information from the stimuli surrounding them. Between birth and 3 years of age, the human brain increases to 80% of its adult size. What a powerful fact. This is such a crucial point in development for children and therefore, it’s so important to foster their learning in this age period.  Healthy interactions between a child and his or her environment is essential to developing strong communication skills that will last a lifetime.

When small children learn a new language  “the ability to use that language is wired in the brain.” Musical and dance  training is another familiar example. “By encouraging young children to learn music dance to them and practice, you’re really doing them a big favor.”

So when your child finds an interest in something, encourage and support it.


The role of the male in a ballet both anchors and elevates the performance.

During a ballet, a male dancer can lift over 1 & a half tonnes worth of ballerinas! That’s the same as picking up a Hippo!

The amount of energy needed to perform a ballet is about the same as playing two full football matches or running 18 miles.

Whether you are male or female, ballet dancers are becoming superstars off of social media by performing elaborate turning combinations, being ridiculously flexible and creating lines that only cartoons used to be able to do.

AMAZING RIGHT?! So let this poor little guy dance ballet without any judgement! Let this kid be a kid!


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