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VOTD: He was asked “WHERE DID GOD COME FROM?” Shocking answer!


Wow! I’m a believer in God, but this guy blew me away. Who is he? He should go around and hold debates with all the atheists and scientists.

Such a good question. Believing in God is a matter of faith, no rational thinking. ALL major religious groups believe in a higher force outside of human understanding. I think this guy answered the question brilliantly!

Brilliant! God has no beginning or end. The physical place and temporal time we call existence is a place God created for us to allow us to express our free will. Any being that knew and experienced God would automatically choose his peace and love, his comfort and goodness. God created the universe specifically to allow us to choose and to grow to become one with him.

GOD is with us before the beginning of human time. He is in the heart, mind and life of the faithful believers who surrenders oneself to HIM alone even without seeing HIM. No human being can comprehend the existence of GOD without HIS grace because human beings are bounded by his own limitations.

Faith is the belief in things not seen. I have faith in God, and you have faith in science, but the difference is that I have faith in science also. You can believe in both, you cannot see science, you just know it exists, you cannot see God but I know He exists. You can see the results of both God and science. You take 2 chemicals and mix them you get a reaction that is seen, but where did the chemicals come from? Or where did the properties of the 2 chemicals come from? You pray and ask God to bless your life, and your prayers are answered, but you never physically seen God. I believe God created the elements for us to use as an example of things that can’t be explained but have reactions. 2 chemicals equal reaction, your prayer, God answers, equals reaction. Also why not try to figure out where God came from, if you are trying to figure out where He came from, then you are acknowledging His existence.

That’s the problem with people who ask questions like that. You  have an incredible tasting meal sitting in front of you,  and you are worried about the ingredients and how it was prepared, while it’s getting cold or is now no longer appealing to your eyes or even goes bad or expires cause you  waited too long to eat it. My point is, JUST ENJOY THE MEAL cause you are  missing out on how great it tastes!!!!

God truly exists I believe…He made us with our hearts (emotions) connected to our minds and vice versa…i think nobody has yet to achieve that…anyway, if you don’t believe in God then just respect all those who do and vice versa. Everybody is  entitled to their own opinion…the important thing is that we all live in peace and love and understanding and kindness and compassion…

If this nation had more love and less evil can you imagine how great this place would be. A nation that prays together stays together. God bless this nation.



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