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VOTD: Dad is working! When the kids interrupt you in the middle of live TV..Hilarious!!!


A video is circulating on the Internet today showing the hilarious struggles of a dad working from home whilst being a parent.

There are no words!!! First of all, who does a BBC segment with a bedroom in the background?!?. Second, that toddler is hilarious! Third, the dad pushing her behind the chair is just real parenting sometimes! Fourth, did you see mom literally drag the toddler through the door with the walker like a rag doll?!? I’m dying over here!

During an interview on the BBC lunchtime news debate on South Korea was interrupted by the interviewee’s children. The hilarious footage shows expert Robert Kelly, an associate professor of Political Science at Pusan National University in Busan, handling serious questions on the country’s president, Park Geun-hye, being ousted from power.  Assistant Professor Robert Kelly can be seen sitting in his office on a live video link to the studio. It appears to be going well at first, until a toddler enters the room, closely followed by a baby in a walker…The situation gets even more hilarious when his wife Jung-a Kim  frantically enters, trying but failing to remove the children stealthily from the room.

This video is getting a lot of positive and negative comments! People need to lighten up! This is hilarious. I can guarantee that the children weren’t hurt at all and the fact that the dad is laughing means he’s seen the funny side of it too. He’ll probably laugh looking back at the video, as will his kids when they’re old enough to understand. Get a grip people this is FUNNY!

The poor mom!!! Her pants are half down! She just wanted to pee and all hell breaks loose!!! Hahaha! All their entrances deserve awards! They all entered differently and all brought a different type of comedy in with them. It was awesome!

Who wants to bet the dad didn’t get up to take them out himself because he was in sweatpants or boxers under the desk? Videoconferencing – business on the top, comfy on the bottom!

This dad is definitely getting a lock for his office door!


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