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VOTD: Belly Slapping Music is a thing. Who knew?


“Wanted: Fat guy with beer belly so we can slap and make music.” lol

Everything is possible indeed, and who needs a summer body when belly fats can be a musical instrument?!

Do not give up on that belly people!

This is so hilarious and a great rhythmic fat buster!! They ought to lose weight with this pounding concerto!

You often hear people complain that music has become so technologically involved that we’ve lost touch with the physical element of making music. Well, not these guys.

Belly Slapping Music is a thing. Who knew?

We have successfully settled the mic battle between a baby and a beatboxer, but now it’s time to set the stage for a human drum competition. That’s right, Matt Nickle has created a battle, entirely consisting of sounds, produced by slapping bodies. Three artists operate each ‘kit’, acting as a lead tummy drummer, a belly beater, and a butt bass. As quirky as it sounds, the two giants actually sound freakishly good, and have accumulated nearly 10M collective views on Facebook.

When ‘Tummy Talk: An Epic Drum Solo‘ was released, it instantly became a huge success and fans were begging for more. So the producers decided to do a sequel with more unusual drumming.

In fact there first human drum video was so successful, the artists have performed live on several shows, including Jimmy Kimmel’s “Can They Do It Live?”-segment, the “Social Star Awards” held in Singapore that year, and different talent shows all over the world.

Because fans wanted more, the second Tummy Talk video did have more—more drummers, more human drums and more beats. And they included a slapping surprise …

As in the first video, all sounds were created using body parts only. Although the human body is a rather strange instrument, a drummer can always tell you that they constantly want access to a drum.

It’s definitely one of the funniest pieces of music on the internet. Special thanks to the human drums, just as Matt Nickle said: “Thanks for being willing to let us slap you around, by the way.” We think you’re awesome drums.


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