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The Vice President PROMISED The Following About The Border Wall! People Will Be Happy!


The moment the President took office he began to take action towards his aggressively conservative immigration policy. From the very beginning it made his supporters happy. Proving once and for all he walks the walk and talks the talk. But people began getting worried when rumors began to circulate that Americans would pay for the alleged border wall through their taxes and then get reimbursed by Mexico. But the Vice President is speaking out on it now to quell the fears of Americans.

Vice President Pence spoke with ABC on a “Good Morning America” segment this morning where he maintained that our neighbor Mexico will be paying for the proposed wall along the Mexican-American border.


He also took the moment to give praise to his boss for his address before the joint session of Congress. He said,

“One of the things people saw last night is that the candidate Donald Trump is the President Donald Trump, and he spoke about those priorities. We’re going to build a wall. We’re going to enforce the laws of this country.”

However, interviewer George Stephanopoulos noted the President did not mention that Mexico would be paying during his address. Especially considering the renewed comments by Mexican officials that they would not be paying for any such wall. The Vice President confirmed,

“Well, they are.”

He emphasized that the focus would be on deporting illegal criminal aliens who had committed violent crimes. He said,

“And I think what you saw last night was the president acting on the priorities that he ran on, and I think that’s the reason why this speech is being so well received is that people are seeing that the agenda that they voted for, the agenda that a majority of Americans believe is the right agenda for the country is exactly the agenda President Trump is advancing.”

His speech is being hailed almost across the aisle with the exception of Democratic lawmakers. Pundits and reporters are noting his articulate and presidential demeanor and language. They focused on his concise and policy oriented feel to the speech. Much like the Vice President stated, this is the President that Americans voted for and were simply waiting to show up.

In the words of Vice President Pence, the President laid everything out on the table and marched on. His policies will lead to a better future for America. We have four years to watch this country bloom.


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