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UN Ambassador Just Said THIS About Russia And It’s The Opposite Of The President!


United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has had a few months to get used to her job as emissary for the United States. But she is diving into the deep end now. She has supported the President in his ardent support of our ally Israel, but now she is making comments on Russia that seem contrary to her boss’s stances.


Haley told a journalist at NBC News that Russia’s attempts to influence our presidential election should not be dismissed but taken very seriously. Furthermore, that Russia is no friend to the United States and should be treated accordingly. The former South Carolina Governor said,

“We cannot trust Russia. We should never trust Russia. We have to find out exactly how involved they were. When we see the facts, we absolutely should have some sort of action we take in response to it. But, we have to know all the facts first.”

Haley also expanded on her relationship with the President when pushed over whether her comments were contrary to that of the President’s beliefs. She said,

“What he has allowed me to do is when I see something wrong, I call them out on it. I will always do that. He’s not once told me, ‘Go and be nice to Russia.’ He’s letting me do my job.”

She also maintained that the President is extremely open minded to Russia, but that does not mean he has a blind spot to what they may be doing behind closed doors. Haley also chimed in on the executive order that temporarily bans travel from certain Middle Eastern countries. She indicated that while she supports his travel ban she is opposed to an all-out ban on Muslim immigration. Haley said,

“It’s not a Muslim ban. I will never support a Muslim ban. I don’t think we should ever ban anyone based on their religion. That is un-American. It is not good. What the president is doing, everybody needs to realize that what he’s doing is saying, ‘Let’s take a step back. Let’s temporarily pause.’ He’s saying let’s temporarily pause, and you prove to me that the vetting is OK, that I can trust these people coming through for the American people.”

Thus far, the President has not made any public statements or comments about Haley’s interview. While her comments seem to be contrary to the President’s willingness to be friendly with the former Soviet Union overall what she said is very similar to what the President said on the campaign trail.

President Trump has described how his success is largely derived from harvesting potential within people and allowing them the autonomy to do their job. Haley’s comments show the President is doing just that with her.


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