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Tucker Carlson TRASHES Planned Parenthood Executive!


It is not new news that the conservative media does not think too highly of Planned Parenthood, neither do Republican politicians either. That was certainly the case during a recent Fox News segment where Tucker Carlson interviewed a Planned Parenthood executive and put her in the hot seat.

Watch here,

Carlson spoke with Planned Parenthood Vice President Dawn Laugens. The primary topic of conversation was her organization’s refusal of President Trump’s recent olive branch that would have allowed them to maintain federal funding if they ceased abortion services.

The journalist pushed hard asking why they would reject half a billion dollars when all they had to do was give up one thing in return, especially considering all the good services they provide like cancer screenings, birth control, mammograms and more. In fact, what they did was selfish by prioritizing abortion over those other services that will now suffer.

She responded that the President’s olive branch was nothing of the sort, but instead a way to threaten, bribe, and bully. She also explained the following in detail,

We don’t get a big check. We get reimbursed like any hospital for providing a pap test or a breast cancer screening. Women deserve access to the full range of reproductive health care and that includes safe, legal abortion.”

However, Carlson wasn’t having any of it. He noted that they perform over 300,000 abortions after the five and a half week mark which is when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Carlson asked, further how she feels about these lives not being taken into consideration.

She responded,

Women have their own views on whether or not they want to be pregnant. That is not a viable fetus at five and a half weeks, anyone knows that, and what you would do is make your own choice, and that’s all that Planned Parenthood has ever said, is that every woman should make their own choice.”

Laugens maintained that it is up to an individual woman to decide whether hearing a heartbeat determines whether a child is a human being or a piece of tissue. She also took the opportunity to castigate the new Republican healthcare bill for supposedly taking medical access away from women.

Laugens stated,

I take seriously all of the health care work that we provide at Planned Parenthood. I believe in safe, legal abortion. I believe it it’s up to each woman and individual, and so I’m not going to make a judgment. I often do look at those protesters and I wonder how they can be so heartless to be yelling the things that they do at women in their lives when they know nothing about what’s going on in that woman’s life. They don’t have any idea what service she might be there for, but that doesn’t stop them. So I’m often concerned about the shame and stigma that people try to force onto women in this country.”

But the Fox News journalist was not pleased with her evasive answers and ended by noting that while it was nice to have her join the conversation, it was an incredibly shallow conversation. Finally, somebody confronts Planned Parenthood right to their face and proves they have no defense other than liberal canned lines.


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