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Trump Stands by Wiretap Claim; Says Give It Two Weeks to Get Interesting!


President Donald Trump told Fox News that more could emerge in the coming weeks about his claim that Obama was spying on him using intelligence efforts.

He also clarified that a “wiretap covers a lot of different things”.

As we already know that some spying was asked for and that some actually happened, this should get real interesting!

Trump Stands by Wiretap Claim; Says Give It Two Weeks to Get Interesting!

“Wiretap covers a lot of different things. I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks.”

Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated that President Trump had broadly meant “surveillance and other activities” when he made the wiretapping allegation. He also suggested the President was not accusing his predecessor specifically.

The Justice Department has asked for more time to provide information about the allegations.

Meanwhile, allegations that Trump colluded with the Russians has come to no avail. Even many Democrats are running from that false narrative. We do know that Hillary Clinton did have exhaustive relationships with MANY Russians, and very well could have actually colluded with them herself. We also know that she has made great monetary gain via her Russian connections, some of it done while she was Secretary of State!

The left is jumping the shark EVERYWHERE!

The left relies, and has always relied, on the false narrative in order to win.

The Democrats have fed on their theory that Trump colluded with the Russians for months. Investigation after investigation has brought no evidence of any collusion. Even many elected Democrats have dropped the mantra. But truth never matters to liberals. It is all about the “ends justifies the means”.

They are screaming, rioting, lying, destroying property and becoming totally unhinged.

But so far, what else are they able to throw at him? Rachel Maddow is their attack dog. All she has discussed for weeks is Russia. If she had more, wouldn’t she use it instead of a false narrative?

Liberals are scared. Consumer and business confidence is very high and it is already having an effect on the economy. Trump is shrinking the size and scope of government daily. He is being very effective.

They know if the economy is strong in 3 years, that beating him in the upcoming years will be next to impossible.

Never has a president had such an uphill battle and had to fight as hard as President Trump. Thank you lefties…that is where he will gain his strength#


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