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Trump Publicly Called Out Germany On Unfair NATO Spending


President Trump has long been an advocate of getting NATO alliance members to pay their fare share. He was the first presidential candidate to point out the unjust and unfair percentage burden the United States has to bare. During his first meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel he called out our German ally for spending less than the United States.

The President noted in front of a swath of reporters that Germany owes large sums of money to NATO. Money which is meant to buy them the protection the alliance has to offer. They sat side by side while answering questions the media had in the Oval Office. Merkel is known for her progressive agenda and her close relationships with like minded brethren such as Justin Trudeau of Canada and former President Obama.

In response to the Presidents comments a German magazine Der Spiegel called the President,

“an unsophisticated yet self-absorbed political neophyte. [Merkel] is one of the most experienced leaders in the world, one who many see as being the last defender of democracy and Western values.”

The President did say the following at a press conference,

I reiterated to Chancellor Merkel my strong support for NATO as well as the need for our NATO allies to pay their fair share for the cost of defense. Many nations owe vast sums of money from past years and it is very unfair to the United States. These nations must pay what they owe.”

Despite being required to pay two percent of a nations gross domestic product Germany is only paying 1.2 percent. Which is significantly smaller than what they are supposed to pay. Yet they are afforded all the same rights and privileges under the alliance.

When asked by a German reporter about his criticism of so called fake news and the European Union he said,

Nice, friendly reporter. First of all, I don’t believe in an isolationist policy. But I also believe a policy of trade should be a fair policy and the United States has been treated very, very unfairly by many countries over the years, and that’s going to stop. But I’m not an isolationist. I’m a free trader, but I’m also a fair trader. I don’t know what newspaper you’re reading, but I guess that would be another example of, as you say, fake news.”

The President has finally followed through on his promise to hold other NATO members accountable for paying their fair share. Whether or not anything comes of the meeting remains to be seen. Regardless, they are on noticed and the President is watching.


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