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Trump Just Responded To Chairman Nunes Response To Wiretapping Claims


People have been denouncing the President for his comments that the Obama administration wiretapped him during his 2016 presidential election. But Chairman Nunes of the Intelligence Committee made statements that seemingly confirmed the Presdient’s statements. The President was very pleased with Nunes comments and responded accordingly when reporters asked him about it.

When asked whether he felt Nunes statement vindicated him he said the following,

I somewhat do, I must tell you. I somewhat do, I very much appreciate the fact that they found what they found, but uh, I somewhat do.”

Nunes statement initially to the media was as follows concerning the wiretapping allegations,

So first, I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions, the intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition. Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administrations, details with little or no apparently foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.

Third I have confirmed that additional names of Trump transition team members were unmasked. And fourth, and finally, I want to be clear, none of this surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian activities, or of the Trump team. The House Intelligence Committee will thoroughly investigate surveillance, and its subsequent dissemination to determine a few things here that I want to read off. Who was aware of it, why was it not disclosed to Congress, who requested and authorized the additional unmasking, whether anyone directed the intelligence community to focus on Trump associates, and whether any laws, regulations, or procedures were violated.”

The media had immediately castigated the President for his wiretapping claims and they didn’t stop when the President refused to provide evidence. After making his initial accusations the President and the White House released a statement in which they said they would no long comment on the allegation. Eventually they retracted part of their statements and maintained that wiretapping simply referred to a broader sense of surveillance they felt the Obama administration undertook.

This issue has been highly divisive with Democrats calling for an apology and Republicans brushing it aside. Republicans haven’t commented on it too widely while Democrats have seized the opportunity to use it to make the President look like a liar. Nunes comments seem to vindicate the President in an otherwise evidenceless investigation.


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