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Trump Just Backed Up Ryan When His Speaker Seat Was Threatened!


The new GOP led efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have been at the center of all the medias attention as of late. The newly named American Health Care Act is set to be vote on tonight. While it was meant to be voted on yesterday it was postponed and later edited. Many are arguing that if it fails then it could be the end of the Republican majority when re-election comes around next year.

This would mean that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s seat could be threatened. Some are saying that if the bill fails then the Speaker should give his office up for failing on such a tremendously important part of the party’s mission. However, the President has indicated that even if the health care bill fails that Speaker Ryan should remain speaker.

The President reaffirmed that the new health care bill and its revisions were not in the least bit rushed. Furthermore, that Ryan should remain. Because of the focal role that Paul Ryan and the President have played in this new bill it has been labelled Ryancare and Trumpcare by liberals and Democrats alike.

One of the major impediments to this new bill has been the Freedom Caucus. The Caucus has been comprised of over three dozen conservative Republicans. They have opposed the new healthcare bill because it has maintained many of the provisions that were originally in the Affordable Care Act.

Part of what they have wanted is a repeal of essential health benefits like maternity leave, birth control, and addiction treatment. They are also seeking a repeal of the standardized benefit and coverage documents that the Affordable Care Act required.

The Caucus met with White House officials on Thursday to negotiate. Because of the size of the Caucus they threaten to be the reason the party does not have enough votes for the healthcare bill to pass. After the negotiations the White House gave Congress an ultimatum that if they pulled the bill and did not vote then they would be stuck with Obamacare.

This was confirmed by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. The issue over healthcare has no longer been a Democrat versus Republican issue. It is now a war between moderate and conservative Republicans. Factions within the party are now causing a delay on the vote.

If the bill continues to be delayed it will likely die on the floor. Should it pass in the House the Senate might not pass it. Senators such as Collins, Cotton, and Rand have vocally stated that the bill will die there too. No matter how you slice it the party is struggling and health care remains up in the air.

Moderate Republicans could very well try to unseat the Speaker after this citing his failure to pass this major piece of Republican legislation. But if they try to do that they will have pushback from the President himself.


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