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Trump Jr. Thanks MSNBC’s Maddow For ‘Simply Awesome’ On-Air Tax Revelation!


Rachel Maddow had her “Jump the Shark” moment this week when she tweeted out that she had gained access to President Donald Trump’s tax returns. It severely backfired!

Not only was there no zing in what she found, it showed Trump paying 25% of his taxes in 2005. Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama paid 19% last year! MSNBC paid 24%! I would LOVE to see what Maddow paid!

The President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., was more than willing to thank Maddow for her efforts!

Trump Jr. Thanks MSNBC’s Maddow For ‘Simply Awesome’ On-Air Tax Revelation [Video]

Trump Jr. posted a series of Tweets Tuesday, thanking Maddow for releasing information he said did nothing to help those critical of his father’s decision not to release his tax returns.

He went on to mention CNN was “upset” by the underwhelming presentation.

Donald Trump Jr. went on to describe the main stream media’s reaction as “simply awesome.”

Of course, we now know that it was not some startling revelation as the NYT wrote about the same tax return last year. Maddow was scamming the American people all around.

Maddow claimed it was not against the law for the press to post and discuss the “stolen returns,” but where she is wrong is, that she received “stolen goods”!

There have been a series of leaks concerning the Presidency of Donald Trump since the very beginning.

Rachel Maddow received a document that originated at the IRS through a leak. Wherever that leak came from, it was criminal. Someone stole the documents and traded them to someone else.

What are the details? With investigations we will discover.  For now, all we know from these tax returns is that Trump paid close to a third of his income in income taxes:

“$150 million in income in 2005 and paid $38 million in income taxes that year.”

Rachel Maddow has become the gift that keeps on giving! Her angry and holier than thou attitude make clear her serious character flaws. Her numbers at MSNBC are high! I would imagine it is because people like me love to tune in to see what she is unhinged about each day! When I want to see what liberals are saying about a current event, I am always glad to watch her craziness!

The Huffington Post even went as far as to try to make excuses for Maddow!

“She’s not responsible for the heightened expectations that led to disappointment on Tuesday. We are.”

Yeah right! She jumped the shark!



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