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Trump Ignores Daughter! Rescinding Obama’s Climate Change Orders Infuriating Al Gore


Looks like the meeting that Al Gore had with President Trump backfired. The President has put together a new executive order rescinding Obama’s insane climate change regulations.

Trump is moving forward with energy independence instead!

Both Ivanka Trump and Al Gore have put the pressure on President Trump to side with the clinate change hoax. Why liberals chose the lying, incompetent Al Gore to be the hoax’s mouthpiece is beyond me.

But it looks like it was to no avail. Of course, Al Gore lies so much that his meeting with the President a couple months back most likely helped Trump to see the insanity of the whole hoax.

Breitbart reports:

A senior administration official said that the coming EO will review some and take other Obama executive orders “off the books immediately to the extent we can,” while also looking forward to providing a “beginning framework for a strategy on energy.” Under the new order, each executive department and agency in the U.S. government will be responsible for identifying impediments to energy production.

Energy policy under the order will stay in line with the President’s desire for U.S. energy independence and return the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to its core mission. The new order establishes the Trump Administration’s approach to climate change.

Al Gore is a blatant liar and the data used to “prove” the man-made climate change hoax has been manipulated beyond belief.

In fact, of the 35 lies in the Al Gore documentary, 7 were so bad that the courts in Britain refused to let the movie be shown in their schools.

Al Gore told us in 2008 that the Arctic Ice would be gone by 2013. Last I checked it was there and growing.

Climate Change activists from Al Gore down have been saying for almost a decade that 98% of the Scientific community believe in man-made climate change.

But what they fail to tell you is that 98% comes from an equation of 75 out of 77 climate change scientists.

Only with Common Core math can you make 75 scientists an almost 100% of the whole scientific community.

Thankfully we have a new sheriff in town and he is not falling for the craziness!

Can I hear an Amen and a share? Get the word out. You can be personallyresponsible for making a liberal pull their hair out.


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