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Trump Follows Promise to Cut U.N. Financing!


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson vowed earlier this week that the U.S. will leave the United Nations’ Human Rights Council if the organization does not undertake “considerable reform.”

During Trump’s campaign, he said the UN caused more problems than it solved. The UN Council has in recent years increasingly trained a spotlight on rogue regimes and terrorists, commissioning independent investigations that have exposed serious human rights abuses in North Korea, Iran, Syria, [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria]and Boko Haram.”

The White House is scheduled to release its 2018 first budget proposal Thursday, which is expected to include a 37 percent cut to the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development budgets. In addition, Trump’s budget proposal is expected to include $54 billion in domestic non-discretionary spending cuts to pay for an equal increase in defense spending.


H/T Conservative Tribune:

Conservatives have long threatened to cut federal funding for the United Nations, a body that has long had an anti-American and anti-Israel slant, but they haven’t followed through. Now, President Donald Trump could be ready to do something huge about it.

A report published by Foreign Policy on Monday claimed that “State Department staffers have been instructed to seek cuts in excess of 50 percent in U.S. funding for U.N. programs,” signaling a massive rebuke of the U.N. from the Trump administration.

Liberal Foreign Policy was obviously unhappy about it, calling it an “unprecedented retreat by President Donald Trump’s administration from international operations that keep the peace, provide vaccines for children, monitor rogue nuclear weapons programs, and promote peace talks from Syria to Yemen.”

However, conservatives have been sick of sending $10 billion a year to an organization that’s viciously antisemitic and anti-Israel, allows some of the most heinous human rights abusers in the world on its Human Rights Council, and takes massive amounts of our money to fund that agenda.

Oh, and how’s that peace in Syria and Yemen going? Or that monitoring of Iran’s rogue nuclear program? In fact, the only thing that seems to be working out well for them is the vaccines for children thing, and I think we can fund that without spending $10 billion.

The biggest cut, numerically, seemed to be for peacekeeping. The Trump administration has asked State Department officials to “identify up to $1 billion in cuts in the U.N. peacekeeping budget, according to one source. The United States provides about $2.5 billion per year to fund peacekeepers.”

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has already been reviewing the 16 peacekeeping missions currently undertaken by the United Nations for possible cuts. The most likely casualty would be the mission in South Sudan, which does not have the support of the government.

Other likely candidates for cuts include the U.N. Population Fund and the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, both of which are unpopular with conservatives.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) stated (of the Israel vote):

“I think that after what they have done there should be a reduction in funding. I’d like to see it specified on some aspects of the U.N., but certainly what they did in their vote in Israel is something — I don’t think they deserve American tax dollars.”

Sen. Ted Cruz wrote in a December statement,

““For eight long years, the Obama administration has worked systematically to undermine the nation of Israel. They actively worked to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu, and illegally used U.S. taxpayer funds to do so. Never has there been a more anti-Israel administration, and today’s United Nations vote is the culmination of their systemic agenda to weaken Israel and strengthen its enemies.”

I don’t know about you, but I would be thrilled to see the United States leave the UN. The UN is nothing more than a group of elitists that continue to ignore countries with the worst records for human rights. I also thoroughly support Trump’s budget cuts to the UN and his efforts to use those funds instead to support the rebuilding of our own nation’s defense and military.

Trump has repeatedly vowed to strengthen the military before the release of the 2018 budget, which is the first such proposal of his presidency.

As Trump has said repeated, it’s time to put AMERICA FIRST!



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