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Trump Finds 7,000 IRS Documents Obama “LOST” Pertaining to the IRS Tea Party Scandal!


They assumed Hillary would become President and no one would ever find these documents from the IRS scandal involving Obama’s abuse of power!

The Tea Party and other right-leaning groups were targeted for audits, or their applications for tax-exempt status were subjected to extraordinary scrutiny by the IRS Exempt Organizations Unit.

The IRS admitted that they targeted conservative groups during the 2012 election. EOU Director Lois Lerner INSISTED this wasn’t politically motivated.

They assumed Hillary would become President and no one would ever find these documents from the IRS scandal involving Obama's abuse of power! The Tea Party

Lois Lerner later issued an apology, but as Obama was in charge of who gets justice, all we got was her resignation and some empty promises.

Well now… there’s a new sheriff in town, but the IRS is still fighting to keep the potentially devastating documents hidden from the public. Imagine that!

The Free Beacon reports:

The Internal Revenue Service has located 6,924 documents potentially related to the targeting of Tea Party conservatives, two years after the group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for them.

The watchdog group intended to find records regarding how the IRS selected individuals and organizations for audits that were requesting nonprofit tax status.

The agency will not say when it will make the documents available to the public.

“At this time, the Service is unable to provide an estimate regarding when it will complete its review of the potentially responsive documents,” the agency said. “The Service will begin producing any non-exempt, responsive documents by March 10, 2017, and, if necessary, continue to produce non-responsive records on a bi-weekly basis.”

Judicial Watch is calling on President Trump to clean house at the IRS.

“The corruption at the IRS is astounding,” Tom Fitton, President of JW said in a statement. “Our attorneys knew that there were more records to be searched, but the Obama IRS ignored this issue for years. President Trump needs to clean house at the IRS as quickly as possible.”

The abuse of power and subsequent cover-up in the Obama White House is scary.

A HUGE part of the problem is that the American people are just not paying attention.

If I walked into 100 homes, and had a discussion of basic principles, most would be in agreement. But if I asked about the IRS scandal, most would not have a clue as to what I was talking about. If I asked about Benghazi, most would probably think it was an Italian dessert.

The American people HAVE to pay attention to what is being done by their elected public servants.

It was criminal:



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