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Tim Allen Takes On Anti-Trump Sentiment in Hollywood [Video]


If you were a fan of “Home Improvement” you’re probably also a fan of “Last Man Standing”. “Last Man Standing” is a sitcom starring Tim Allen, who is also the executive producer of the show. The show is already in its sixth season.  Allen, plays the role of Mike Baxter, a senior executive and director of marketing for an outdoor sporting goods store chain based in Denver, Colorado.

Recently, Tim Allen was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Kimmel asked him about being conservative in Hollywood these days. Allen said it was like “living in Germany in the 30’s”.

H/T Western Journalism:

Comedian Tim Allen, an outspoken conservative best known for starring roles in shows like Last Man Standing and Home Improvement, took on Hollywood’s anti-Trump sentiment Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“You’ve gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes,” Allen said to Kimmel when asked about his attendance to the inauguration of President Donald Trump in January.

Allen also asserted that being a conservative in Hollywood was like living in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.

Specifically, he said, “This is like ’30’s Germany. I don’t know what happened.”

 Allen also told Kimmel the American people need to be weary about mass intelligence gathering, which he believes people are willing to accept if they see certain corporate names attached to it.

“If the government drove down the street in a gray sedan with a camera on it, you’d be rioting, going to Washington,” he said. “But if it’s white, with emojis and ‘Google’ on it, hey, you’re waving at it! They’re taking pictures of your house!”

Allen said at the time: ‘Give that guy the roads, bridges, infrastructure, power grid — just have him fix that s*** for four years. He’s good at that.

‘And he’s a businessman so he understands how debt load works.’

He’s right about that! Of course, being a non-politician is one of the main reasons why Trump got elected President in the first place. Most Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, were tired of politicians getting elected, going to DC and then not doing what they were elected to do. In other words, too many politicians don’t “walk the talk” and Americans were fed up with it, so they voted for a nonpolitician, Trump.

Currently, Tim Allen plays an outspoken conservative on the sitcom “Last Man Standing” and is one of the few actors in Hollywood to profess having right-wing leanings.  It’s not new knowledge that Tim Allen is a Trump supporter. In fact over a year ago Allen stated,

““I think it’s funny because Donald Trump is kind of in the spirit of old Greek tyrants where they used to vote in a guy that had no encumbrances,” he said. “So the smartest thing about him, which is probably most overlooked, to me, is that he doesn’t owe anybody anything and if he would just stick to fixing the bridges, roads and infrastructures that’s what he knows how to do…just keep him doing that.”

Allen was certainly right about that! In fact, Trump doesn’t owe any special interests or groups anything, that’s why the Establishment can’t stand him. Trump is a businessman. Like most Americans, he just wants to “Make America Great Again”.

Most of Hollywood is liberal and voted for Hillary Clinton for president.  Of course, that doesn’t really suprise you though does it? Tim Allen seems to give “Last Man Standing” a whole new meaning. Sure there are a few other conservative actors in Hollywood you could add like James Woods, Clint Eastwood, Dennis Miller and Jon Voight, but overall conservative actors in Hollywood are like finding a good movie…they are few and far between.

Here’s a recent clip of Tim Allen in “Last Man Standing” that I think you’ll enjoy. Allen goes after the “thought police”:

I think if you weren’t watching “Last Man Standing”….you will be.





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