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Three Years He Waited On The Street Corner For His Mom To Come Back, Then A Stranger Stepped Up…


A simple “hello” can change a person’s life. For Victor Hubbard, it did just that. The 32-year-old was waiting on a street corner in Kemah, Texas, rain or shine, for someone very special to him: his mother. He had been waiting there for 3 years, it was the last place he last saw his mother. She had dropped him off and told him to wait there, and that she would come back – except she never did. Hubbard never gave up on his mother, but then a kind woman noticed him and offered her assistance.

Ginger Spouse drove by Hubbard several times a day on her way to and from her restaurant, “Art of the Meal”. She always wondered why he waited all alone on the street corner. One day, on her lunch break, she decided to go talk to him. “I began to get more and more concerned as I knew winter was coming and I thought, ‘So what’s going to happen now?’”

2017-03-15 16_20_49-For Three Years, He Waited on Street Corner for Mom to Come Back. But Then Stran

Hubbard told Ginger his story of how his mom had left him, that he struggles with mental illness, his lack of a home, and his longing to feel loved. As Ginger listened to him, her heart broke and she knew she needed to help.

2017-03-15 16_22_16-For Three Years, He Waited on Street Corner for Mom to Come Back. But Then Stran

“He and I started talking about maybe how would he feel about sometimes coming to my house to get out of the bad weather, and that’s how we started,” she recalls. “It’s been quite the journey.”

So much has happened since that fateful day Ginger approached Hubbard, she knew after their conversation that he needed much more than just a place to sleep. He was a special individual and deserved much more.

Ginger created a Facebook page for Hubbard and called it, “This is Victor”. Using social media for good, she knew it would him connect him to more people willing to help. Her first post wrote,

“I listen to people talking around town and keep hearing, ‘Someone needs to do something about that guy’. So, I will be the organizer and hope that we as a community can be ‘someone’ together.” The Facebook page got more than 1,000 likes and the help started pouring in!

People of the community donated clothing, food, and even a free eye exam. Then a fundraiser was organized for his benefit. Ginger remained by his side through it all. She created a GoFundMe page, helped him get into a mental clinic, obtain prescriptions for his illness, and went as far as to hire him as an employee at her restaurant!

With everything Ginger has done for Hubbard he feels deeply grateful.

“She helped me. It’s like grace.”

“She came around and she kind of saved me,” Hubbard said.

Best of all? Hubbard had been reunited with his family. His uncle saw the Facebook page and drove across the state to reconnect. And, his mother that left him 3 years prior, finally came back to him. Thanks to Ginger and the whole community of Kemah, Victor was able to show his mom his new life.


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