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Texas Governor Just Hit Sanctuary Cities Hard


President Trump has threatened in the past to defund sanctuary cities that protect illegal aliens. Now it seems that other GOP members are following suit. Texas Governor Abbott appeared this Friday on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to say that he will be supporting state legislation that would jail local sheriffs for pushing pro sanctuary city policies.

Texas and California have an almost identical set of resources. Texas has fostered a thriving economy using those resources and California has stifled economic growth with over-regulation.

He specifically pointed out Sheriff Sally Hernandez of Travis County who endorsed sanctuary city policies in her own city. In response to her actions he said the following,

She has knowingly released from jail in Travis County people who have been either convicted of or accused of serious felonies such as sexual assault, sexual assault of a minor, she’s put right back out on the streets. This is a dangerous practice that Texas is gonna hammer down. We will not tolerate this, and so we have taken action we’re gonna take even stiffer action to ban sanctuary cities in Texas.”

When Carlson pressed him as to why he thinks the opposition is so in favor of sanctuary city policies he said the following,

This is a part of what you’ve seen sweep across the United States of America, here is a liberal agenda that wants to so-called ‘be welcoming’ to those who are here illegally, and one way they do that is by not enforcing the law. She campaigned on, and got elected as sheriff of Travis County this last year on the promise she… would not enforce ICE detainers. And so, she campaigned on the promise of not enforcing the law. That’s not the way things are done in the state of Texas, and we are going to require that she as well as all counties, all cities, in the state of Texas must follow the law. If you want to be in law enforcement, you have to enforce the law.”

Abbott continued on saying the following,

One thing that I have already have done, unilaterally as governor of the state of Texas is that I defunded Travis County from government grants that were going to them to the tune of $1.5 million, I took out of their pocket. Second is we are working on a piece of legislation, that will impose criminal penalties where the sheriff herself can wind up behind bars, and hence be removed from office, fines that could add up to millions of dollars per year, as well as other penalties. We’re gonna make it so costly, so expensive, there’s now way that any city or county can take on sanctuary city policies.”

This country was founded on the principal of immigration. But it was legal immigration. There should be no room for those who incentivize people to break the law and come to the United States when they aren’t legally allowed to. This Governor is taking a good step in the right direction.


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