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Terror Attack at UK Parliament as Pedestrians Mowed Down and Cop Stabbed! Four Dead!


Police are searching for one of the two people believed to have launched a terror attack outside the British parliament building.

So far there are four casualties, several of whom have “catastrophic” injuries and one cop has been shot. Authorities are still looking for a second suspect!

A BBC journalist said two assailants were believed to have been in a vehicle involved in the attack. One terror suspect has been named as hate preacher Abu Izzadeen.

“BBC understands from multiple sources two assailants in vehicle on Westminster Bridge,” BBC correspondent Dominic Casciani said on Twitter.

BREAKING: Terror Attack at UK Parliament as Pedestrians Mowed Down and Cop Stabbed! Two Dead!

The Daily Mail reports:

At least two people are dead after terrorists brought carnage to central London today, mowing down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and attacking police with a knife in the grounds of the Houses of Parliament.

At least 10 people were hit by a vehicle on the crowded bridge after a 4×4 drove into pedestrians and cyclists before crashing into the gates of Parliament.

An intruder, described by a witness as ‘middle-aged and Asian’, then managed to break into the grounds of the Parliament and stabbed a police officer before he was shot and injured. The policeman has since died.

BREAKING: Terror Attack at UK Parliament as Pedestrians Mowed Down and Cop Stabbed! Two Dead!

One of the terror suspects was shot by police.

It is currently thought two attackers were involved, killing two people including a police officer and leaving around 10 pedestrians and two other police officers seriously injured.

Prime Minister Theresa May was bundled into a car by a plain-clothes police officer and driven quickly from the scene as the attack unfolded. She will chair a meeting of the Government’s emergency Cobra committee tonight.

Scotland Yard said the attack, which comes a year to the day after the terrorist atrocities in Brussels, is being treated ‘as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise’.

The French media is reporting that there were three French students injured when the car drove into walkers on Westminster Bridge.

The pupils from the Lycee Saint-Joseph in Concarneau were among a group on an educational visit. There is no information as to their injuries and others in the party have returned to a nearby hostel before returning to Frances as soon as possible.


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