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Teen Tells This Cop He Can’t Go To His PROM, Then Cop Talks To Boy’s Mother, And This Happens…


Not many people can say they had a police escort to Prom, but for one teen it was the thrill of a lifetime. Teen, Darius Ellis wanted to go to his prom, but he had no way to get there. That’s when Lakeland Police Officer, Dagon Leach stepped in to lend a hand and a ride. Office Leach is part of a student resource program that allows Officers of the community to develop personal relationships with students at Lakeland High School. Leach quickly became a friend of Ellis’, bonding over their mutual love of supercars.

When Ellis told Leach of his prom dilemma. Leach knew he had to help, “Immediately in that moment, he is such a kind spirit, and such a kind-hearted kid, I knew I had to get him there.” Leach said. Officer Leach contacted the teen’s mom to ask if it was ok to drive her son to Orlando where the prom was being held. With mom’s permission, Leach told Ellis that he would drive him to his prom. Not only did Ellis have a ride, but he would be riding in style. Officer Leach drives a Nissan GTR supercar. The very car the teen idolized! Ellis tells people, “It roars like a tiger, and stings like a bee.”

Administrators at the high school helped dress Ellis from head to toe in Men’s Wearhouse so arrived at the prom in style. “I gotta look good for the ladies,” Ellis stated.

With Ellis decked out, the two were off to the prom. Leach drove them from Lakeland FL to Orlando, Florida. The friends had a great time on the drive down.

Ellis and Leach are less like friends and more like brothers after this amazing trip. “Officer Leach, you’re the best big brother I ever had,” Ellis told him.

The feeling is mutual for Officer Leach, “He is one of the most kind-hearted students I’ve ever met,” he said.

He continued with praising words about the kind of teen Ellis is, saying, “He is loved by everyone on campus and I was honored to drive him to the prom. Every kid should have the opportunity to attend their big night.”




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