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Teen Sues Mom for Taking His Phone! Judge Let’s him Have it!


A 15-year-old teen took his mother to court for “mistreatment” after she confiscated his mobile phone in an attempt to stop distractions from when he was studying for school.

But a judge who heard the case at Court Number 1 in Almeria, Spain came down firmly on the side of the mother declaring that “evidently” she was “well within her rights” and took “the correct action” as a responsible parent.

He gave the young teen a clear message:

“She would not be a responsible mother if she allowed her son to be distracted by the mobile phone and fail to study,” said the court ruling from magistrate Luis Columna as seen by Europa Press.

A 15-year-old teen took his mother to court for “mistreatment” after she confiscated his mobile phone in an attempt to stop distractions from when he was studying for school.

(Stock photo, not the unnamed teen)

He went on to explain that, in actuality, the law supports his mother’s position fully!

“Among the duties required to be undertaken by a parent, as outlined in the Civil Code, is that of being responsible for the education of one’s children, which is exactly what the accused did in this case, without taking it to unnecessary extremes”.

The incident that spurred the bizarre action took place back in February and this week went in front of a judge.

Pretty simple actually:

  • The mother took away her 15-year-old son’s phone to make him study
  • The teen, who has not been named, accused his mother of ‘mistreatment’
  • The judge who heard the case in Almeria, Spain, quickly ruled against the teen
  • He said the mother was ‘well within her rights’ and took ‘the correct action’

Boom! The whole world is infected with entitlement mentality. not just the United States. Children now think that they are “owed” items and that they should not have to work to do much!

Part of the problem is that we have it so easy. Hard work is often a thing of the past. Society is telling everyone everywhere that everything must be fair!





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