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Target Factory: Making Shooting Fun Again



Over the years I’ve spent a fair amount of time on shooting ranges and have shot at just about everything (Including cars).  At any given trade show, I’ll see several paper and steel target manufacturers.  Paper is great for sighting in and focusing on accuracy.  Steel targets are fun (everyone likes to hear that “ping” when you hit it just right), but being the recipient of a copper jacket ricocheting back into my right shin, I make sure the steel I’m shooting at is appropriate for the round I’m using.  With three kids under 4 years old, I’ve been looking for something safer for my kids to shoot at.  I also wanted to limit the time I have to run back downrange to reset milk jugs and pop cans.


target-factory-shotupAt NRA Louisville in 2016 I met Pete Barry who left me asking myself, “Why didn’t I come up with that?”  Pete started Target Factory in AZ a few years back.  They make safe and fun interactive targets to shoot.  As you can see from their website, the targets they make are basically a plastic, collapsible, sawhorse with 6-12 bottles hanging down on strings.  Each bottle is made of a plastic much thicker than that of a 2 liter/milk jug and can take hundreds of hits before requiring replacement.  Replacing the bottles is simple, requires no special tools, and takes only a few minutes.  The bottles are also 100% recyclable.

I bought their 12 plastic bottle target frame and took it back to my range in Ohio.  The set up was simple and in no time we were seeing how many bottles we could get spinning/flipping around.  These are great not only for an outdoor ranges, but if you operate an indoor range you’ll find your customers coming back up to the counter to buy more ammunition.  They are that much fun to shoot.  At $129, this won’t break the bank.  Pete and his team will be at NRA Atlanta in April 2017.  You can stop by and pick up one at a discounted rate.  If you are looking for a fun, safe, portable target, I highly encourage you to pick up some of Target Factory’s amazing products.

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