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Snowden says BIGGEST CIA LEAK HEADLINE: PROOF Obama Admin PAID to Keep Devices Hackable!


Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden says that the biggest take from the CIA leaks is that the Obama government was actually paying to keep software vulnerable so that they can hack into your devices and spy on you!

As software companies work to make your devices safer, the government is conspiring and bribing them to do just the opposite?

This is bad…real bad!

Snowden, who has lived in exile since he blew the lid off the scale of National Security Agency surveillance in 2013, has been pouring through the trove of more than 8,000 documents, saying that they “show iOS/Android are what got hacked – a much bigger problem.”

That means, that your smart phone has been purposely manipulated to allow the United States Government to secretly spy on you and that they have been hacking who knows how many devices!

Snowdem is also convinced that the revelations exposed in this latest massive WikiLeaks dump are genuine, tweeting that only a cleared insider could know the names of programs and offices used by the agency.

The Washington Times explains:

Snowden replied to this tweet with a “PSA,” saying that it “incorrectly implies CIA hacked these apps / encryption.”

Instead, Snowden says the Vault7 documents show that iOS and Android smartphones got hacked, which he said is a “much bigger problem.”

In a separate tweet, Snowden said he is still parsing through the documents, many of which include long strings of code. But from what he’s seen so far, Snowden said that what WikiLeaks “has here is genuinely a big deal. Looks authentic.”

Well I guess this solves the Obama wiretapping Trump issue. Obama has been in charge for 8 years and has known this was going down. No wonder he has been able to do so many nefarious actions.

Donald Trump will get to the bottom of this soon, that I am sure of!

It is looking more and more like Barack Obama could actually go to prison. He has been shielded form many a crisis by his own Justice Department. That is all gone. It is rumored that he has bought property in Dubai where they do not extradite. He might want to head out now. This can only get worse. We have just started looking at the leaked CIA documents….

AND… he LIED!!!!!


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