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WATCH: SNL Mocks the Left’s Unhinged Hatred of Donald Trump … With a Dog! Hilarious!


Saturday Night Live has been relentless at making fun of President Donald Trump, starting a long time before he beat Hillary Clinton.

This week, they seem to have decided a bit of “fair and balanced” was in order as they mocked the left’s crazy hatred of the President. They used a talking dog to accomplish the task and it is hilarious!

Scarlett Johansson was the guest host and starred in the sketch featuring a Trump loving dog called Max. Johansson played a researcher who was using her own pet to demonstrate to investors an amazing technological advancement allowing humans to read animals’ minds. The wonder of the moment is disrupted when they discover Max is a Trump supporter

Saturday Night Live has been relentless at making fun of President Donald Trump, starting long before he beat Hillary Clinton. This time, the tables are

“I like to play ball. I like purple bird in the window. I like park and leash,” Max said, “and I like Trump. He’s my man.”

Oh boy!

Watch as the three scientists who created a pet mind reader designed to “scan the household pet’s mind to translate his thoughts into words.” get owned!

Just watch!

The scientists were visibly shocked from the start. When Johansson suggests that it was a “translation error” or “glitch,” Max stopped her in her tracks.

“There’s no glitch. Donald Trump is our president. He carried the Electoral College fair and square,” Max said.

The scientists were still in disbelief and suggested that something was wrong with Max.

“I absolutely do [like Trump],” Max said. “Trump has his issues, but one big change is better than business as usual.”

Crackin’ me up!!!

After some arguing, Johansson tried to tell Max he didn’t know what he was talking about, Max gave his owner a stern rebuke.

“It’s that condescending attitude that made people want to vote for Trump in the first place,” Max said. “As your friend, I don’t want to see your tax dollars going to health care for illegals.”

I was in stitches when one of the investors pulls out a gun to shoot Max.

“Oh for God sakes,” Max said. “I can’t even have a conversation without you liberal snowflakes—”

Pretty good SNL! I am all for freedom of comedy, even when it is against my side. It is more fun when it hits the other side though!


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