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They Set-Up Cameras Outside Their Door; Didn’t Expect To Catch UPS Driver Doing THIS!


Our hard working delivery men and woman work tirelessly every day to bring us our goodies. Showing our appreciation around the holidays is a good way to give them a big ‘thank you’ for all they do. A little holiday gift of generosity went a long way for one UPS driver. He rewarded us all with a folk dance to show his thanks. You see him walk up to drop off a package to a home and realized that there was a gift for him too. It was a Christmas bonus and it brought out the dancing spirit in the friendly UPS driver.

The spontaneous Christmas jig is full of light-heartedness and came so naturally that it leaves one wondering if this UPS driver moonlights as a professional folk dancer. The simple jig only lasts for a few seconds, but it is delightful and we are very grateful the homeowner caught it on home-security camera for all to see and cherish.

We would like to say to this UPS driver, we see you and we’re dancing with you, not physically, but in spirit. It’s important to remember that a little generosity to those who perform daily services, truly goes a long way and they really appreciate that recognition. The UPS driver took a moment to celebrate his gift and went right back to work; this shows a quality of character that makes his spontaneous dance that much more hilarious and impressive to watch.

Let us know what you think about the UPS driver doing the jig in the comments. Or if you’ve ever caught your UPS driver sharing his appreciation for you, what did he/she do?


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