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Senators McCain and Graham Share A Special Moment At CNN Town Hall


During the transition of this new presidency there has been much division both within the Republican and Democratic Parties but also between them. However, their have been a few public servants who have strayed away from the mold and as a result, have been perceived as working towards more bi-partisan solutions. Two of those public servants are Senator John McCain of Arizona and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

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On Wednesday evening they both attended a town hall hosted by CNN. Their friendship began during the Clinton administration when they both took part in the Clinton impeachment trial. Their friendship began when Sen. McCain said that Sen. Graham cracked a joke during the very serious investigation.

“Congressman Graham, on the most solemn occasion, said, ‘You know, where I come from, any man calling a woman at 2 a.m. is up to no good.’” McCain said.

“I knew right then that Lindsey Graham was a guy I wanted to spend time with.”

He also heaped on praise to Senator Graham and hailed his service to his country as well as his raising his younger sister after their parents passed away as a reason he feels he is a good person. He said,

“It’s quite a great American success story.”

Graham then took the opportunity to poke at his friend a bit and called him cantankerous but a loyal friend who stood by his side. The Senator said,

“In 2014, I had six primary opponents from mildly disturbed to completely crazy. John came down and stood by me. When I ran for president, most of you missed it, John was with me. He is loyal to his friends, he loves his country, and if he has to stand up to his party for his country, so be it. He would die for his country. I love him to death.”

Graham wiped away a tear as he spoke. In response McCain tapped his heart and laughingly said,

“I feel like I’m on Oprah now.”

The audience loved it an applauded in response. In an arena of such argumentative discourse and supreme division it is always warming and refreshing seeing people who are willing to cross the aisle to do what is best for their country and not just their party.

Their friendship certainly rivals that of President Obama and Vice President Biden who are always teased for their close friendship.


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