Sen. Tom Cotton Just Admitted THIS About The New Healthcare Bill!

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This week the Republican members of the House of Representatives released their new healthcare bill named the American Healthcare Act. While heated discussion over the bill has arisen many are calling it more moderate than what was expected. It has received immense support, but some more conservative members of the Senate are criticizing the new bill. One of them is Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

Senator Tom Cotton went on Bill O'Reilly and basically pointed to the Obama Justice Department being loose with classified information so that White House officials could leak it to damage President Trump!

In a various set of tweets today he denounced the replacement for the Affordable Healthcare Act arguing it does not have the support necessary to pass through the Senate. Despite the fact that it has received public support from the White House.

Cotton called on his colleagues to start the process over instead of swiftly trying to rush the legislation through; something that Republicans had previously criticized Democrats for doing with the Affordable Care Act. His tweets came right after the House Committee on Ways and Means advanced the legislation through the House.

Anonymous sources to The Hill reported that Congressional legislators are looking to vote on the bill prior to the Easter recess. While many are maintaining it has the support it needs to pass through the House, a few Senate Republicans have publicly stated the bill will die once it gets to them.

Due to the fact the bill does not have a score yet from the Congressional Budget Office, The Hill reported that Congressional Democrats have flooded the House with one hundred proposed amendments in a clear attempt to stall a vote.

Senator Rand Paul has even noted that he will be introducing his own healthcare bill. He is one of several senators who has referred to the new healthcare bill as “Obamacare-lite.” Despite the Senate pushback, the House and the White House have showed their support for it. Rumors circulated that the bill was introduced so quickly because the Trump administration wanted it released, as soon as possible, to quell pushback to the administration from their own party’s constituents.

Thus, for the Senate to not ultimately support the bill would be incredibly odd. It would be a clear case of shooting oneself in the foot. Sometimes you have to cut off the hand to save the arm, and if Senate Republicans have any hope of being reelected, then they would consequently support this bill by voting on it.

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